Saturday, August 4, 2012

Photo Peeks!!!

So I took the family ones a couple of months ago.. (my family, so of course I think they're gorgeous...) and I had to share.. but my friend Hope ( to check her on facebook...) and I got together to practice our photography with a styled shooting. I've not completed the editing process due to my computer deciding to slowly start crashing, but I wanted to show a couple of the ones I did. Hope's posted a few on her website that you can check out from the same shoot: Hope amazes me with her pictures and impresses me even more with her heart for God. She is a constant gentle nudge to me to work harder on my relationship with our Jesus!! I love this sister in Christ!!! <3

RAAANDOM!! I loved these for some reason...
Welcome to Mayberry!!!

The beautiful bride, Ms. Heather!

This chick is seriously awesome... I ADORE this pics!!! more up later when I'm done editing.

 AAAND here's the family sesh!!! Aren't they beautiful!?!?

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