Friday, December 14, 2012

My soapbox stand.

I was originally going to post to my facebook.. but decided not to.. so I'm posting here. Just keep that in mind for me.. I didn't edit this... 
 So I don't normally use my facebook as my soapbox. I don't get into any of the issues such as politics, religion, or anything else that is very controversial due to the fact of, everyone on my facebook has different opinions than I do, and that's fine. Everyone who is on my facebook, I love to death.. and I respect their decisions as much as I would hope my beliefs and thoughts are respected. I see no need to get into huge debates over issues. I think just from what I post for me personally.. it's pretty clear what I believe and think. And if asked directly.. I will share what I believe. But I live my life the way I choose, and that's between me and my God.

So on that note before I go off into a complete rant.. and take this as you want.. for me this is a venting of thoughts I have kept inside for quite awhile. I've been quiet during this whole election.. I've been quiet over huge debates over the legalization of gay marriages.. of abortion.. of everything that is controversial. But as of today, I've really had it with the ignorance of the American nation. We are so wrapped up in everything that is all us. Everything that will serve us. Everything that will increase the size of our wallet and social standing.. we're all about how much more we can gain for ourselves that we don't look at the consequences of our decisions as a nation. We have for YEARS... even before my time.. have become so uninvolved and concerned with what's going on in the world. We turn a blind eye to everything. We are a fast food society.. we want everything good right now, no matter how bad it is for us in the end. I think the American nation and people are getting to become so spoiled and pampered that we don't have a backbone anymore. This country was founded on God.. and that is our basis. I keep having this mental image of a house built on a rock foundation, and people are chipping away at the foundation of that house because they don't like it. The house is going to fall.. and that's what we're doing to our country. I have a lot of friends who don't believe in God. Once again.. I can tell you about God, and give my testimony.. and tell you why I believe in Him.. but at the end of the day.. it's between you and Him. It's up to you to make the decision to believe or not.. to follow or not follow Him. But whether you believe or don't believe.. to deny the existence of God is like trying to deny that gravity exists. We can deny gravity all we want.. but we can't do anything about the fact that it is there and it is very evident in our life whether we choose to believe in it or not.
Americans think that world peace will solve everything. Only in the kingdom of God will there ever be peace on this planet. As Christians.. the Bible tells us this world is not our home.. and it's days and circumstances like today that shake you up and make you realize that. This world is evil. There is an evilness on this earth.. we talk about America all the time... it's not just America.. there's a whole WORLD we live on.. a really cool place called Earth.. and yes it's evil. The Bible says that the devil walks around like a lion. A LION.. and yet we're shocked and stunned when something like this happens. THIS IS NOT ABOUT GUN CONTROL!! Everyone has been yelling for less ignorance.. more tolerance (tolerance, by the way.. only extended to the people who believe what they want them to believe.. not tolerance for anyone who chooses to believe differently... like Christians..). They keep talking about ignorance every time you turn around. What about ignorance as far as really thinking gun control is going to help?? What are we supposed to do when someone is ignorant?? Properly inform them and help them understand what they're ignorant about. I understand that across this nation there are communities that aren't as comfortable with guns as say we are here. Here in communities such as mine, we understand why gun control is a bad idea, because we've been raised around with knowledge of how to handle guns properly. And newsflash.. if there is gun control... these people are STILL GOING to get their hands on a gun!! Just like meth... just like anything else that's illegal.. people are going to do what people want to do because once again.. the world is evil.
It extremely breaks my heart over the fact that this was done in an elementary school. We're an odd mix of people who have been desensitized by what we see in movies and such (no.. I'm not going on a rant over movies being the cause...because some people can watch it and be fine..others not so much. It does remind me of the days of when the Christians were martyred and given to the gladiators and lions for the pure sport of watching someone die and be eaten...).. and yet we're so SENSITIVE over anything that happens that's devastating. I'm always amazed at the immediate reaction of "Oh Jesus is coming now for sure.. this is a sign." Have we already forgotten THE HOLOCAUST?!!? The horrors of the wars we have fault? History has all over it's pages the blood shed of innocent people... there were camps in the Holocaust made specifically for children.. they saw these types of horrors DAILY.. and yet people still turned a blind eye and we choose to forget this because it's not affecting our every day personal life.. horrors like this have happened all through history. This nation is getting worse by the day because we're chipping away at our foundation, and letting the lion loose more and more each day. We're opening ourselves up to whatever consequences to our decisions may be. America didn't want God in schools.. once God's out.. the evil one is in. Don't believe that? Then go ahead and try jumping without falling back to the ground... there's gravity pulling you right back. You can ignore it all you want.. but there will be one day when your feet will be so firmly on the ground that you'll have to fall to your knees because you realize Truth.
It's not to say that because everything going on is signs that Jesus is coming back. This is a major ignorance among Christians that surprises me. We were never promised to live out our lives in comfy church pews. Christians are being persecuted.. tortured.. and killed.. and so many ways that this pales in comparison.. and yet we turn our heads again because it makes us uncomfortable. I talked to a woman last year who told me that Christians weren't martyred anymore. I told her to check out Voice of the Martyrs... where there are stories of what is going on TODAY in the lives of Christians all around the world. People who don't have the freedom to go to church every Sunday and Wednesday.. and people who don't have the luxury and freedom to publicly talk about their beliefs. There's were taken away.. and it wouldn't surprise me if one day that happens to America. Jesus will come when it's time to come.. but no where are we promised safety and a comfy cozy life. Why would we get that, but not our brothers and sisters in other nations??

My heart breaks.. and I pray so hard for those children that were involved today. We may not know WHY on earth a man would go in and do something like that.. WHY would he be so heavily armed and willing to hurt those babies??? People tend to refuse to accept that there is an evil in this world. And it's pretty strong to make people do such sick things to other humans.. especially humans as innocent as these children. It's been happening though.. this kind of thing happens in other nations.. it's happened in our past. I don't expect this to stop. I expect this to get worse. This country is so far down.. I don't think one small thing will tip the scale. If we have gun control or we don't.. if we vote for gay marriages.. or we don't. If we legalize abortion or we don't. If we vote Republican or Democrat.. or we don't... this nation started choosing a long time ago what direction our future will take.. and it's been steadily declining ever since.. and we're all too eager to usher it along.. so long as we get some temporary gain during the process. We don't know how to wait.. and prepare and enjoy the fruits of our labor later.. we have to have everything now.. no matter the consequences. And we're suffering the consequences and it's going to get worse.

As I said before.. this is some thoughts that have been in me for awhile.. I've chose not to share them on facebook due to I do NOT want any controversy on my wall... not among my friends.. or me with any of you. I love you all a lot.. but this is where I stand. If it offends you that much... you know where to take a friend off of a facebook page, I'm sure.
 As an end note.. After going back and reading what other friends have written.. I figured I'd better clarify before people really go off.. I am not waving my Bible at anyone.. I'm not putting this out there as a political debate.. I tell people when everything in THIS life is done.. you will have to face God yourself. With no one and nothing around. No one to rely on.. or call on. Nothing to help you bribe or talk your way through it... and God's going to ask.. who did you serve? Did you choose Him? Or the evil one? Despite everything going on in this nation.. in our country.. there is a bigger picture.. and that's God vs. satan. It is a battle for souls. No this decision to kill children did not happen based on how America voted this past election.. this decision was made by this individual. An individual I believe has the evilness in him. THIS is what we need to guard ourselves against. Because our time's going to come.. and we all better be ready. 

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