Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Creative DTS Overview

Are you hungry for real, gritty, noticeable change? Do you desire to know what God has for your future? Then the Discipleship Training School (DTS) is for you.
DTS is a 6-month journey, a unique live/learn community experience. There will be endless opportunities for you to know God on a deeper level. It will be a platform for you to make God known in mind-blowing ways.
An internationally recognized curriculum will have you learning from experienced speakers who have lived out the principles they teach. The first 3 months of DTS will offer you a time of deep revelation as well as liberating personal application. Then outreach will take you to the places you have only ever dreamed about! Grow in confidence as you share your testimony to large audiences. Whether you are called to long-term or short-term missions, the benefit of going to a cross-cultural location and seeing the needs of that location and then being part of the solution is life changing!
The location of your training can be very important. YWAM Centres can vary in their way of reaching the lost, but our values always remain the same. YWAM Newcastle is an Australian centre known for dynamic community, belief in and development of emerging leaders, persistent pursuit of people and passionate worship. A place filled with life, life, life!


Are you wired to express yourself creatively to the world around you? Whether your passion is music, fine arts, photography or other digital media, the Creative DTS is for you! Take a unique, one-of-a-kind journey to discover the heart of God. Discover who He is, how He sees you, and the place that He has for you in the world.
Develop a message of your own as you learn how to creatively express the gifts that God has given you to bring hope to the hopeless.
Example core curriculum topics include:
  • God's Nature and Character
  • Building and Maintaining Godly Relationships
  • God's Intentions for Individuals, Peoples, and Nations
Example “Creative” sessions include:
  • Using your unique “creativity” for effective evangelism
  • Being a Godly influence in the Arts & Entertainment Industry
  • Developing a deeper understanding of God the Creator


Be amazed as God uses what is uniquely you to bring a message of hope. Step out in faith and take ground for the Kingdom of God as you communicate with creativity and passion. Use your gift to cross the many barriers that can get in the way of effectively making God known.
2011 Creative DTS Outreach Location
The 2011 Creative DTS outreach location has been announced! The DTS outreach team will head to LATVIA!!! Join us as we reach this nation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Lecture Phase        $3,950 AUD
Outreach Phase     approximately $2,500 – $5,000 AUD



3rd July 2012                     15th December 2012  

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